20 Jun, 2023

Dark Horse Wine is all about constantly pushing the bounds of what is possible. To demonstrate this, TV Chef Mike Reid has created some exclusive recipes for Dark Horse Wine highlighting how unexpected combinations can lead to better-than-expected results.

Pair this Surf and Turf Tartare with rich, mellow Dark Horse Chardonnay.

Serves 1



40g Wagyu sirloin

10g Carabineros prawns (or the highest quality prawns you can find!)

5g shallots, diced

5g green chilli, diced

10ml smoked mayonnaise

5ml early harvest olive oil

1g nasturtium leaves

1 small potato

Mike Reid's Surf & Turf Tartare


  1. Peel and then slice the potato thinly on a mandolin. Fry in oil at about 180°C until golden, then leave to cool on a rack to crispen. Season with salt.
  2. For the tartare, dice the sirloin and prawns and add to a bowl. Add to it your diced shallots, chilli and olive oil. Give it a good mix before seasoning to taste.
  3. Plate up with your tartare in the centre of the dish, leaving a small indent in the middle for the smoked mayonnaise. Garnish with your nasturtium and crisps and then enjoy with a refreshing glass of Dark Horse Chardonnay.
Chef Mike Reid with Dark Horse Chardonnay Wine
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