Dark Horse Wine FAQs


Where is Dark Horse Wine made?

Dark Horse Wine is made in the Golden State of California, with the grapes benefiting from the glorious sunshine it’s so well known for. The grapes are selected from a range of Californian locations to ensure the best quality for each wine. Working side-by-side with over 400 of California’s finest grape growers, we make sure we get the first pick from their harvest. For more info about Dark Horse wine, head to our About Us page.



How is Dark Horse Wine made?

Firstly, grapes are harvested from the vines of over 400 of California’s finest grape growers. Dark Horse wine maker Beth Liston prides herself on the close relationships she’s developed with her growers, allowing for the first pick of their harvests.

Next is the crushing of the grapes into what is known as the “must”. If white wine is being made, the must is then pressed soon after to separate the juice from the skins. If left to mix then tannins from the skins will seep into the juice, adding colour and flavour, resulting in red wine.

After this, the fermentation process happens. Here with the aid of yeasts, the must will ferment and the sugar with be converted into alcohol. By stopping the fermentation process sooner, a sweeter wine is produced.

The wine then enters the clarification process where unwanted precipitates or solids are filtered out. The wine is then either aged further or bottled.

Dark Horse combines the art of traditional wine making with innovative technologies to deliver bold wines that are packed full of flavour, from our rich reds and mellow Chardonnay to our crisp and vibrant Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Our wines are tasted 100 times throughout the process from vine to glass to ensure the utmost quality is produced.



How long does Dark Horse Wine last?

With their convenient screw caps, there’s always the option to save some Dark Horse wine for another day. If you don’t finish a bottle then just replace the cap to keep the air out and the wine should be good for up to a week.

For unopened bottles, Dark Horse Wine is best enjoyed within 2 years.



Does Dark Horse Wine have a cork?

Dark Horse Wines do not have corks but instead have screwcaps, making it convenient to reseal the bottle if needed - especially helpful when you’re off on an adventure. The caps are also recyclable.



How much is Dark Horse Wine?

The price for Dark Horse Wines vary depending on where you buy them and any offers running at the time, but usually they cost about £8.50 per 750ml bottle.



What does Dark Horse Wine taste like?

Each wine is obviously different with no one simple answer. The individual product pages have more detail but here is a brief overview of each:


Cabernet Sauvignon – A bold Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of plum, a hint of oak, and a smooth finish.

Malbec –A rich Malbec with notes of plum and blackberry, a hint of spice, and a plush velvety finish.

Merlot – A medium-bodied Merlot with notes of dark berry and a layered finish.

Chardonnay – A rich Chardonnay with notes of apple and ripe stone fruit, layered with toasted oak.

Pinot Grigio – On the dry side, zingy with crisp fruit notes.

Sauvignon Blanc – A vibrant Sauvignon Blanc with notes of fresh tropical fruit and a refreshingly crisp finish.



Does Dark Horse Wine need to be refrigerated?

We recommend chilling our white wines for at least 2 hours before enjoying them, whereas our red wines are best enjoyed at room temperature.



What is a Dark Horse?

A dark horse is an unexpected winner. Instead of conforming to the mainstream and doing as others do, they instead dare to follow their own path. As such, they often succeed in discovering things most wouldn’t even imagine. At Dark Horse we like to challenge traditional wine stereotypes. Whether it be the glass that our wine is served in or the occasion it is enjoyed in, we encourage wine drinkers to follow their own path and make their own rules both in wine and in life. We believe the non-conventional path can lead to even better results. By following our own path, we craft exceptional and international award winning wines enjoyed all over the world!



Where can I buy Dark Horse Wine?

Dark Horse Wine can be discovered in most supermarkets and convenience stores. Head to our where to buy page for a list of retailers.



Has Dark Horse won any awards?

Yes, Dark Horse has won a number of awards for its wines, including:

Mundus Vini Gold Medal 2020 - Cabernet Sauvignon- 2018 Vintage

Mundus Vini Gold Medal 2021- Chardonnay- 2019 Vintage

AWC Vienna Gold Award 2019 – Chardonnay- 2017 Vintage

Concours Mondial Silver Award 2019 – Malbec - 2017 Vintage

IWSC Bronze Award 2021 – Cabernet Sauvignon – 2019 Vintage

IWSC Bronze Award 2021 – Malbec – 2019 Vintage

IWSC Bronze Award 2021 – Sauvignon Blanc – 2020 Vintage

IWSC Bronze Award 2021 – Chardonnay – 2019 Vintage

IWSC Bronze Award 2021 – Merlot – 2018 Vintage