27 May, 2020

Looking for evening entertainment ideas with long-distance friends? Why not host an online celebration, games night or even a virtual wine tasting?

At Dark Horse we don’t let barriers get in our way. In fact, we just see them as merely challenges to overcome. It’s true for our wine and it’s true for our social lives too.

Leading a busy life while having family and friends across the world - or even in the same town - can make it difficult to plan adventures with the people you share your laughs and love with. We’ve all had times when our usual weekend adventures aren’t possible but who says adventures can’t happen virtually?

Modern life can sometimes mean we can't create memories in person. But that shouldn’t stop you creating memories at all. Here’s some advice from us to you to help you keep the good times rolling!

With so many ways to connect online, including an array of new video chat apps, there's never been a better time to gather your friends for a catch up online. It’s time to think outside the box a little, so go ahead and get together by a virtual campfire.

Online party tips

Here are some things to ponder when planning your online party:

  • Decide on the app everyone is happy using (there’s nothing worse than when technology gets in the way of the fun).
  • Decide if you want a theme- it can be fun to create a theme for your celebrations but it’s also great to just let the evening flow freely.
  •  Let people know the date and time. You could even send out invites if you’re feeling ambitious and fancy.
  • For an extra dash of social spirit, encourage your friends to have snacks and a bottle of wine to enjoy while you catch up.
  • Embrace the virtual life. It’s a different way to catch up but if you throw yourself into the experience it can be a great way to catch up when you’re not able to go on adventures in person.

Online party games

Now you have the app you want to use - and all your online celebration tips to hand - it's time to think about what your event is going to involve. Be bold and brave and don’t be afraid to try something new. You don’t have to just fall into line and do the same things you’ve always done. Now is the perfect chance to experiment.

Get creative and be adventurous with your entertainment. There’s no reason why you can’t create lasting memories, no matter how far away your friends and family are.

Virtual wine tasting

If you love Dark Horse then you’ve clearly got a good taste in wine. It’s time to share your passion with your friends. A virtual wine tasting is perfect for a shared online experience.

As something a little different, your virtual tasting is bound to stand out for all the right reasons.

Your virtual wine tasting checklist:

  • Select a date and time
  • Let your guests know what they need, like the number of wines you’ll be tasting so they have enough glasses for the perfect sample sip.
  • Gather your favourite Dark Horse wines and shop for your food pairings if you’re including those too. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious.
  • Create wine scorecards for the tasting – a great way to discover which wines suit your sense of adventure.
  • Create an event on your video app of choice
  • Set up your space with the wines, food pairings and glasses - it's time to host.
  • If you need some hints and tips for the wine tasting or what they might pair well with each, head over to our wine pages for details.

Sit back and enjoy your night. Plus, once you know which wines your friends prefer you’ll have the perfect present ideas for future celebrations!

Music festival

Great wine deserves to be accompanied by great music – so why not think outside the box and put the two together at home?

Love that festival vibe but can’t get to an event? We know you’re not going to let that stop you. So, if you can’t get to a music festival, it’s time to bring the festival to you.

Head out into the garden with a tent and sleep the night under the stars to create your own mini campsite. Some great drinks and some speakers are all you need for a fun time – and you can even dress for the occasion. Who cares if its raining? All the best festival memories are created in wellies and mud, right?

Your festival needs friends too – so get your whole gang involved. You can connect via video call to friends who can’t be with you and take it in turns to set the playlist. Why not reminisce online and watch those legendary performances from festivals gone by or be daring and become the headliner yourself with your guitar skills.

Don’t forget the food and drink! Get the BBQ out for that authentic festival food smell. For drinks, make sure you’ve got your favourite Dark Horse wine chilling in the mini fridge.  Earthy Dark Horse Malbec compliments a juicy burger or steak.

Quiz night

Nominate yourself as quiz master - it’s the perfect way to get your friends together on the weekend and brush up on your general knowledge. Putting together a virtual quiz is simple and allows you to be really creative with the questions and categories. Don’t be afraid to veer away from the traditional categories and throw in some more adventurous ones. Be bold and your quiz will really stand out in your friends’ memories.  If you love your wine as much as us, you could even include a “wines around the world” round.

To take the pressure off yourself as the 'host', why not get each team to come up with a round and write a set of questions? That way the whole group is involved in creating the entertainment and embracing the night. Also, don’t forget to get creative with team names. Let the laughter flow and raise your glasses to each other and the adventures you’ll have when you can meet up again next.

No matter how you chose to celebrate with your friends and family, it's important to stay connected. Choose your favourite Dark Horse wine to sip - like a bold Cabernet Sauvignon, and you can toast your loved ones in style, near or far.

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