01 Aug, 2023

Prepare to be an unexpected winner this summer with £100,000 worth of instant cash prizes waiting to be won with Dark Horse Wine. Attention piqued? All you have to do is purchase a promotional bottle of Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, scan the QR code on the bottleneck and vote ‘red’ or ‘white’ to enter the draw. What better excuse to treat yourself to a glass of some of the very best Californian wine?

After you’ve scanned the QR code and landed on the competition website, it’ll be time to cast your vote in the battle of the bottles. If you’ve picked up a bottle of rich, mellow Dark Horse Chardonnay, the light ripeness of juicy stone fruit and deep, toasty aromas of oak and vanilla might sway you towards team white wine. And if you’ve selected the complex Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon, the bold tannin structure and notes of blackcurrant, black cherry, dark chocolate, and espresso might plant you firmly on team red. Trust your instincts. 

Where to Buy Dark Horse Wine

Head to your nearest Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, and Waitrose stores who will be stocked up with the prize-winning bottles. Or, if you don’t feel like a trip to the supermarket, you can order a bottle online from Amazon. Prizes will range from £25 to £50. And remember, fortune favours the brave. Terms and conditions apply.

If you don’t win one of the cash prizes, you’ll receive a £1.50 coupon to redeem against your next bottle of Dark Horse*, so sublime wine is on the cards either way. The competition runs from 1st August to 31st October 2023, so you’ve got a couple of months to impress your friends with bold wine choices, and potentially pick up a prize in the process. 

Win £100,000 cash prizes with Dark Horse Wine

But how would you spend your winnings?

If you need a hand deciding what to spend your prize money on, leave it to us. It’s hard to beat a BBQ on a warm day, so why not gather your family for a celebration of summer with stand-out food and wine pairings? We’ve got all the menu inspiration you’ll need to master outdoor cooking and create a taste sensation on the grill here.  And if the weather isn’t up to much, you can still use your prize money to become the host with the most by holding an exquisite dinner party that really exceeds expectations. 

The British summer is the perfect for a road trip or a seaside retreat, and a bit of extra cash could set you up for a wonderful weekend of coastal exploration with friends – and a bottle of Dark Horse for when you arrive, of course. If you’re keen to get closer to nature and experience the great outdoors, our guide to the best beaches in England is an ideal place to start. 


Feeling lucky? Pick up a bottle of Dark Horse Wine today and raise a glass to celebrate your prize win. The adventure of a lifetime could await you… 


*£1.50 coupons given to the first 50,000 non-winning entries.

Win £100,000 cash prizes with Dark Horse Wine
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