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Pinot Grigio

  • Dry
  • Balanced
  • Crisp

The Dark Horse Pinot Grigio is awash with crisp, fruit notes to delight the palate. This delicious pale gold-coloured wine offers intense flavours that are perfect to accompany any celebration.

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...crisp fruit flavors ... Tangy white-peach and Pippin apple flavors... adding to the vibrant mouthfeel.

— Jim Gordon

More About Our Pinot Grigio

Californian winemaker Beth Liston is a pioneer in the industry and, by challenging the way things are done, she has crafted techniques to ensure each grape is harvested at optimum ripeness to preserve juicy fresh tastes This expertise produces the signature crisp notes and delicate flavour of this special wine.

Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular wines in the world, certainly in the UK. Dark Horse Pinot Grigio boasts the characteristics of a traditional bottle, while adding its own distinctive flourish. Fruit aromas are complemented by subtle silky notes to create a distinguishable, high-quality drop ready to share. Its signature balance and brightness reflects the quality that comes from California’s premier vineyards.

The citrus zest of this zingy Californian pinot grigio makes it the ideal accompaniment to a range of delectable dishes. While pinot is famously associated with creamy Italian pasta dishes and salty antipasti sharers, this versatile pour pairs perfectly with spice and cuts through fried fish or vegetables. Allow this easy-to-sip wine to inspire culinary magic. From lighter seafood salads to a rich carbonara, create cuisine to surprise the taste buds.

Fusing hints of lemon with notes of apple and stone fruits, the combination results in a race towards a pleasurably elegant finish.

Share with friends over a lovingly-made meal, watching the sun go down under a canopy of stars on a warm summer evening.