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  • Bold
  • Rich
  • Flavourful

Bold, brave wines that challenge expectations and stand out from the crowd are what Dark Horse has become known for – and this Zinfandel certainly fits the bill.

Flavour Profile



AWS Vienna Gold Award 2019

— 2017 Vintage

More About Our Zinfandel

With jammy dark fruit notes, the Zinfandel is a red wine that offers a rich, intense and velvety finish. You’ll savour every sip and instantly want to share your new secret with your friends and family.

Dark Horse winemaker Beth Liston always looks to push the boundaries to deliver an ambitious wine that matches her own spirit of adventure. With this Zinfandel, she taps into all of her expertise to create a free-spirited red wine that defies and exceeds expectations.

The Zinfandel grape thrives in sunny California – and our grapes are harvested at optimum ripeness to make sure we can deliver the rich colours and velvety tannins that have helped to make this an award-winning wine. We use warmer temperatures during fermentation to ensure the flavours and aromas are as intense as possible – and once this process is complete the wine is aged on oak for a beautifully balanced finish.

The rich fruit aromas in this wine ensure that spicy barbecue food or sizzling curries make for the perfect Zinfandel pairing.

So, whether you’re having a good friend over for a catch-up, are looking to pull out the stops to impress your significant other or are hosting your family, pick up a bottle of this Zinfandel and enjoy a glass together.