26 Aug, 2021

Which wine goes with duck? We’ve answered this question and featured a range of delicious duck recipes in our latest blog. Click here to discover more.

Duck is definitely the new chicken in the world of culinary delights. This modest sized bird is rich, versatile and easy to work with.

Whether you’re just starting to dabble in the kitchen or want to be a little more adventurous with your cooking, it’s the meat of choice whatever your path.

Duck works wonderfully in Asian inspired cuisine and is certainly fancy enough for when you want to impress your partner or friends.

However you enjoy duck on your dinner table, there’s a perfect wine to match. In this guide, we’ve featured a selection of perfect duck with wine pairings and a range of recipes to try out for yourself. What will you make first?


Best wine with duck

Duck is known for being wonderfully rich, so a velvety red can pair perfectly with any recipe you decide to whip up, with this bird in tow.

The notes of plum and blackberry in a Dark Horse Malbec are partners in crime for a perfectly roasted duck with spring vegetables and fluffy mashed potato.

It’s not just a red wine that can take centre stage in a pairing with this meat, though. Pairing tender, sliced duck with crisp salad leaves and lashings of balsamic vinaigrette with a glass of Dark Horse Chardonnay will go down a treat. This wine is smooth with every sip and offers a hint of caramelly sweetness. Perfect for those late summer nights with friends on the balcony.

If you have a little wine left in the bottom of the bottle, red wine’s juicy dark fruit notes make for a wonderful red wine jus that can be generously poured over sizzling duck legs and tender, slightly pink breast slices. 


Orange glazed duck…a dinner party favourite

Planning a get together with your closest friends? Need an evening to catch up and plan your next adventure together? Then you’ll want to keep the vibes positive with a zesty orange glazed duck breast.

Create your sticky but dreamy sauce to generously pour over your duck breast using honey, orange juice and zest, sliced garlic cloves and a generous sprinkling of thyme. We took inspiration from this recipe from Gressingham Duck to create the perfect sweet and citrusy treat.

Your home will smell wonderful when guests arrive and they’ll enjoy tucking into that perfectly glazed, tangy duck alongside side dishes of roasted new potatoes and tender stem broccoli.


Pairing wine with duck in an orange sauce

You’ve spent plenty of time in that hot kitchen so you need the perfect complementary glass of wine to enjoy with your meal.

The citrusy notes of Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc add a little zing, while the mellow but sweet melon flavours balance out any sharpness. It’s a light wine, with a refreshing finish.

Ducks Pancakes

Duck pancakes…for that takeaway vibe

Want to enjoy the taste of your local takeaway but looking for a challenge in the kitchen? Put your culinary skills to the test with a classic but always enjoyable, duck with pancakes.

Soft, powdery pancakes holding pulled duck breasts and teamed with fresh cucumber and a sticky hoisin sauce, is the perfect starter before a spicy Chinese curry or can be enjoyed on their own for a light dinner. You can pick up packs of pancakes and all the other ingredients you need from the supermarket before pulling it all together to create the perfect Friday night fakeaway dish.

The real fun of duck and pancakes is the tactile nature of the dish. Serving yourself and creating a combination to your liking before tucking in with a glass of wine – or two!


The best wine with duck and pancakes

If you’re rustling up a classic duck and pancakes combo we highly recommend a chilled glass of Dark Horse Pinot Grigio. With its fruity tones, this white wine compliments rich dishes such as this with ease.

Our Pinot Grigio’s notes of stone fruits and apple are a welcome pairing for the sweet richness of the plum infused hoisin sauce. Keep a bottle chilled, ready to pour once the pancakes are steamed and everyone’s ready to tuck in.


Roasted duck crown…a twist on a Sunday dinner

Chicken and turkey? Goodbye. Swap your usual weekend favourite for a crown or whole duck that can be slowly roasted in the oven.

Paired with vibrant green veg, crispy roast potatoes and a generous serving of red wine gravy, you’ll never go back to your usual meat choices again.

Duck takes its time when being cooked, with a high fat content and all dark meat. But the wait is certainly worth it. Score and prick the skin to encourage the fat to come out while cooking and you’ll have a juicy but not greasy meat to enjoy with your roast. Follow this recipe from Red magazine if you need some guidance.


Roasted duck with wine

A deep, full bodied red is the answer to which wine goes with duck that’s been roasted.

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon would be our recommended wine to enjoy alongside this dish. This wine’s notes of plum, hints of oak and its famous smooth finish will pair wonderfully with the roasted flavours of the duck.

Considering the serving temperature of your Cabernet Sauvignon? We love this red served at around 16-18 degrees Celsius for well-balanced acidity and rounded tannins to complement your duck.


Duck satay skewers…for wine night nibbles

Looking for an indulgent side dish for that Friday night? Move over tortilla chips and carrot sticks. Instead, pair duck breast on skewers with a tempting peanut satay sauce for a snack everyone will want a taste of.

Gressingham Duck are the experts again, with the perfect recipe for this satisfying snack. Slice up your duck breast into strips then place them in a bowl and season with chilli powder, salt and pepper and a dollop of honey. Push the coated strips onto skewers then pop in the fridge to marinate.

To create your satay sauce you’ll need to add peanut butter, curry paste and coconut milk to a pan and heat. Once you’re happy with the taste, fry up the duck that’s been marinating in the fridge then serve together and enjoy.

Dark Horse Chardonnay

Which wine goes with duck and satay skewers?

We would enjoy a cool glass of Dark Horse Chardonnay with this dish. The smooth caramelly notes of this wine pair perfectly with the sticky, savoury peanut flavours.

Whether you’re planning your get together in the height of summer or as autumn approaches, this Chardonnay goes down smoothly and works come rain or shine. With gentle toasted oak flavours and notes of peach, apple and pear, this wine is sweet and comforting.

Ready to kick things up a notch with perfectly cooked duck? Take inspiration from our selection of recipes and recommendations for pairing wine with duck and push your culinary skills further.

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