26 Aug, 2021

Lamb is a Sunday dinner favourite but is also versatile, ideal for any occasion. Learn what wine goes with lamb in our latest guide and try out our recipes.

Lamb is one of those versatile meats, mainly reserved for Sunday roasts, Easter celebrations and gatherings with friends and family.

A comfort food, lamb adds a little calm to the end of a wild week. It warms us up after spending hours outdoors with our walking boots on or navigating our mountain bikes down exhilarating trails.

Lamb is the ultimate indulgent meat and a real treat when carved up and presented on  a rustic wooden board.

In this guide, we’ve had a think about which wine goes with lamb and rustled up some recipes for you to try your hand at this weekend.


Wine to go with lamb

There’s no wrong answer to the question of ‘what wine goes with lamb’, but we do have a few recommendations up our sleeve.

A fruit-led red is just the ticket to roasted lamb dishes, such as our Dark Horse Merlot with jammy tones and notes of oak. You’ll discover that the tannins in this red wine will make your lamb taste richer and more tender – a perfect way to complement your skills in the kitchen.

If you’re pairing your pink and tender lamb chops with crispy salad leaves and a tangy mint sauce then a zesty white is the perfect pairing – such as our crisp but elegant Dark Horse Pinot Grigio.

For those who prefer to keep things spicy in the kitchen, pair a wonderfully rich and fruity glass of Zinfandel a slow cooked lamb curry, using leftover cuts from that Sunday roast, of course.

Seeking more inspiration? Choose from some of our favourite lamb recipes below and discover which wine to best pair with them.


Roasted leg of lamb…like Mum used to make

Nothing quite beats a table groaning under the weight of steaming dishes of roasted veg and sizzling, golden potatoes straight out of the oven.  

But the crowning glory is, of course, that melt in the mouth, fall off the bone leg of lamb. It’s the centrepiece of any Easter gathering. You can’t go wrong with this BBC Good Food recipe and we’ve featured some key steps to follow below.

Rub down your leg of lamb with rosemary, a dash of sea salt and black pepper and a generous glug of olive oil. Next, nestle peeled garlic gloves around the meat then throw in the oven for just over an hour, if you prefer it a little pink in the middle.

An hour and 45 minutes is the ideal cook time for meat that’s cooked all the way through, while still staying succulent.

Finish with mint sauce – homemade or store bought, we’re not judging ­– and a dousing of gravy for a sumptuous Sunday treat.


Which wine goes with roast lamb?

When it comes to pairing wine with lamb that’s been roasted for that indulgent feast, we recommend an earthy and bold Dark Horse Malbec.

This full-bodied red pairs wonderfully with roasted dishes, with a hint of spice and earthy notes but a velvety smooth finish it will perfectly compliment this juicy cut of meat. 

Lamb kebabs…perfect for summer BBQs

That tell-tale smell of freshly cut grass and smouldering coals can mean only one thing – summer has arrived.

Cooking outside on an open flame can feel like an adventure in itself – and when you’re surrounded by friends and family you’ll want to soak up every story with delicious food and wine as an accompaniment.

Whether you’re camping or spending the weekend in the garden, lamb kebabs are a firm favourite at an outdoor BBQ. Roughly chopped pieces of lamb pushed onto skewers and carefully grilled over hot coals is what we call a recipe for success.

The BBC Good Food site has done it again, with a mouth-watering recipe to follow.

Infuse your meat beforehand with a marinade of lemon zest, garlic, cayenne pepper, cumin and oil and create a dip to cool things down made using Greek yoghurt, fresh oregano and spring onions. Soft, warm pitta breads perfectly finish off the dish.


Which wine goes with lamb kebabs?

Lamb kebabs deserve a light and zesty white wine, ideal for sipping on balmy summer evenings. Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect partner with a refreshing finish and  crisp citrus notes.

This wine is practically made for summer as its grapes thrive in California before being harvested and transformed into the bright and aromatic wine we know and love.


Lamb shanks…for date night

We strongly believe that hearty lamb shanks are the way to your other half’s heart. Served hot and steamy, on a bed of mashed potatoes in a decadent red wine jus, this meal will be a treat for the senses.

Lamb shanks are tough cuts of meat that are made to be slow cooked. Ideally in a rich sauce that infuses flavour into every mouthful. When it comes to whipping up this tasty dish, we took inspiration from this Recipetineats creation.

The trick to perfectly cooked and always tasty lamb shanks is to brown the meat before placing it in the slow cooker. Simply heat up a pan and take a moment to sear your lamb shanks until the outside is lightly browned.

Then, it’s time to pull out the slow cooker and gently place your lamb shanks inside.

Leave them to cook for the rest of the day in an indulgent combination of red wine, tomato paste, thyme and chicken stock while you go off on an adventure. Serve with crunchy green vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes.


Which wine goes with lamb shanks?

As lamb shanks are rich in flavour, a deep, full bodied red is the only way to go when pairing this lush dish with wine. Bold Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon would be our wine pairing of choice, with complex notes of black fruit, plus hints of dark chocolate and toasted oak. A glass pairs perfectly with red meat, complementing each piled up forkful of lamb.

Lamb Curry with Chardonnay

Lamb curry…for not letting anything go to waste

Leftover lamb is best reserved for those slow cooked spicy curries, served on a bed of rice and then piled on to piping hot tear and share naan breads.  

This meal is the perfect mid-week pick me up, to celebrate making it to hump day and inching closer to your weekend adventures. We took a little inspiration from this When You’re Hungry recipe.

Roughly chop onions and tomatoes and throw these into the slow cooker with a blend of spices and herbs including cumin, garlic paste, turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander and of course garam masala. Add fresh chillies for a real kick and cashew nuts for a little crunch.

The fun of cooking is experimenting and being brave with bold flavours. Don’t stick rigidly to a teaspoon of this and that. Make the recipe your own.


Which wine goes with lamb biryani?

Serve up this tasty dish with a rich glass of Dark Horse Chardonnay. Due to its caramel undertones, it offers an incredibly smooth finish which pairs perfectly with dishes featuring strong flavours. Hints of peach and honey with every sip will balance the heat in your curry and make for a fantastic dining experience.


Ready to start teaming up your favourite lamb recipe with our suggested wines? Try these pairings on for size and enjoy a perfect partnership, every time.

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